Shining Light

Psalm 34:4-5 I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.

This past week has been pretty crazy in the office! As the new vision of our organization gets rolling, Kent has a lot more things coming his way. He has countless phone conversations, meetings, and documents to draft, along with the other day to day activities of the office. We are also getting ready to host about 2 weeks worth of meetings here at our office in May, requiring planning and logistics. As Kent’s role has taken off, I have found mine has as well. I am now helping schedule these phone calls and meetings, coordinating times with people in multiple time zones, and taking on more of the logistics end of things. This has happened pretty fast, so it’s been a bit overwhelming. In the midst of this, I have had to work through a certain fear that has been a part of my life: the fear of failing or being a disappointment. I want to get everything done for Kent and do it perfectly. But, although I consider myself to be pretty organized, I am only human. 🙂 I will, at some point, make a mistake, probably even a big one.

As I’ve tried to deal with this issue this week, God has shown me more and more that I need to trust in Him, and let go of my fear of failing. I need to give my perfectionist tendencies to Him, and rest in His grace for me. One thing that has helped me keep my perspective is praying before I start each day. Before I turn on my computer, check phone messages or anything else (except putting my lunch in the fridge), I take time to pray for my day, for strength to accomplish each task, and for the UPGs in SE Asia that I’m focusing on this month. I think it helps set the tone for my day.

I hope that by seeking the Lord each morning (and throughout the day), I will be a shining light for Christ in the office. I hope that He will work through me to help me serve where He has placed me.

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