The Heavenly Man

I am reading a book right now called The Heavenly Man about a Chinese Christian and evangelist named Brother Yun. He came to know Christ in his teens after his father was miraculously healed after being near death. This was during a time when missionaries had been killed or sent out of China. Brother Yun desperately wanted a Bible to be able to learn more about God and he began to pray and fast for a Bible, even though there weren’t any to be found in the whole country. When God provided a Bible for him, he used every spare moment to soak up the teachings found there, and the Bible was so precious to him, he carried it everywhere even sleeping with it. God did some amazing things in his life and through him. Whole villages came to know Christ through his witness. He suffered intense persecution, beatings, and imprisonment, and was wanted all over China. On several occasions God did an Acts miracle, opening prison doors and allowing Brother Yun to walk out of the prison without being detected.

Reading this book, I have been really challenged. Do I hunger for God’s Word with the intensity that Brother Yun did? Do I have a burning desire to share Christ no matter what the consequences? Do I believe God can do miracles like opening prison doors? It’s a pretty amazing book, and I would encourage you to read it for yourself (or borrow it from me).

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