Prayer Requests

This next week we will be hosting 3 different meetings at our offices here in Plano. We have about 17 coming in for the first meeting beginning on Wednesday, 15 for the second meeting, and close to 50 for a training next week. We have been busy getting ready, and it will be an intense time, so I would ask you to please pray for us.

– Pray for calm in the midst of all of the logistics
– Please pray against any attacks Satan might attempt to cause troubles.
– Pray for any hiccups in the logistics to be worked out easily
– Pray for unity among the taskforce and the board as they continue to work through big issues
– Pray for the Holy Spirit to work and inspire through the planning that will be taking place
– Pray for patience for me and for Erika as we handle the behind-the-scenes work
– Pray for rest for Kent and Erika as they came from a meeting last week that was very draining

Thank you so much for your prayers through the next 2 weeks! I know that I will not be able to make it without them! 🙂 Blessings, Sarah

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