Do I Believe God Will?

If asked, most Christians would probably say, yes, God can do miracles. Jesus performed many miracles while He walked on the earth, and the early Christians saw many miraculous things happen. But, I think there is a difference in believing that God can do miracles, and knowing that God WILL do a miracle.

I recently watched a video produced by a guy who went around learning about miracles all over the world. Some of the miracles he discovered were pretty weird- people suddenly getting gold teeth, gold dust appearing in their Bibles and on their clothes- but others were what we might consider “typical” healing miracles to extraordinary miracles like people being raised from the dead.

Jesus said that we as Christians have the authority to do even greater miracles than He did. We have the power of the Holy Spirit, so why don’t we claim that power? Is is because we don’t have enough faith that God will do something incredible, unexplainable?

Miracles are happening in amazing numbers in China, Africa, and other areas. People in the Middle East are having dreams and visions of someone in white, and then they are meeting Christians who explain to them that this is Jesus and through this many are coming to know Jesus as their Savior.

Miracles are happening in the US too, but not in the numbers they are seeing in other places (at least we aren’t talking about it). Someone explained to me that Jesus did miracles so that the people would see who He was and know His power. In places today where Jesus is not known, miracles are a way to open the door for people to see His power and know His great love for them. In most places in the US people know about Jesus, or at least have an opportunity to hear about Him.

But when is the last time you heard a sermon about having the power to pray for someone’s healing? In the movie, the guy showed a church in California that sends out young people. First they pray, and ask God to show them where they should go and who to approach. God might give them a detail like Starbucks or a man with blue shirt. Then they go, and when they find that person, they ask them how they might pray for them. A friend of mine has also done this with her church in Seattle, and seen God do some pretty awesome things.

I know that God does miracles. But I tend to think He uses secondary things- if someone has a broken bone, God uses the doctors and a cast and medication to do the healing. But do I believe that God could put on someone’s heart to pray for that broken bone and it be healed? Is my God big enough to do something like that? Am I not allowing my faith to be stretched in this way?

These are just some of my thoughts on this. I certainly don’t have anything figured out, but I am asking God to show me how I can stretch my faith. I am trying to believe that the God I serve WILL do the miraculous.


  1. Sharon says:

    Sarah, the thing that holds God back is unbelief. You're right, God is a miracle-working God in 2009. I've seen miracles often … some that people would not even “see” as being a miracle, only “good luck”.

    I would love to join your prayer group, praying for you and for your work as a missionary. You know me, I am in Lena's SS class and talked with you several times.

    Be blessed today and forever! Sharon Loria


  2. Sharon says:

    Another comment that I could make is that it seems easier for the Lord to move overseas rather than here in America. I've lived for extended times in several overseas sites and the Lord really moved much more easily through me … also in CA and the same was true.

    Here in TX so often that is not true unless … and this is often the case with me … you and God do whatever is the case “just between the two of you”. I don't know the answer why.


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