25 Things

Earlier this year there was a note that was popular on Facebook where people listed 25 things that represented them. I was in Asia at the time that most of my friends were participating in making these lists, so I missed out on most of them. I recently ran across a couple, and this made me think about what I would choose. So, here is my list. I’m not sure if these really capture who I am, and I know some of these things are random, but here they are anyway! 🙂

  1. My relationship with God is the most important relationship in my life.
  2. My passion is missions- taking the Gospel to the people who don’t have a chance to hear about Jesus- but I don’t consider myself to fall into the category of a ‘typical’ missionary.
  3. I love my family! I consider my siblings to be some of my best friends, and each one has been influential in my life. My parents are 2 of my heroes.
  4. Being a good big sister, a responsible oldest daughter, and a worthy role model as an oldest grandchild are roles that I take pretty seriously.
  5. I am a Nebraska farm girl, a small town Iowa girl and a big city Texas girl. I pretty much have loved every place that I’ve lived!
  6. I enjoy traveling, seeing new places and finding fun things about different cultures, but I get tired of flying pretty easily and I would rather be settled in one place than moving from place to place.
  7. My life goal is to worship God with believers on every continent. I still need to go to Africa, Australia and Antarctica (although I am more interested in the first two).
  8. I am fascinated by weddings- the dresses, flowers, music, etc. My dream was to be a wedding coordinator but then God shifted my focus to preparing the bride of Christ for the Bridegroom. I still love seeing friends’ wedding pictures, browsing wedding magazines every once in awhile, and popping into the wedding dress shop at the mall.
  9. I have always wanted to walk in a parade, wear a tiara, have a book published, be a good cook like my sister, and be influential in someone’s life. Not necessarily all at the same time.
  10. I have fallen in love with Starbucks, but because I am poor I don’t go very often. I love to take my Bible and journal, get a Vanilla Latte or Carmel Macchiato, and have some good reflection time.
  11. I miss my undergrad college days, and the community of the dorm that I lived in for 4 years. Those were some of the best years of my life.
  12. I love hearing “God-stories”, how God has worked in a way that only He can in peoples’ lives. Often these powerful stories will move me to tears.
  13. I love listening to the rain, but I hate getting wet. I especially don’t like when my feet or shoes get wet, or the bottom of my pants. I would much rather just be able to watch and hear the rain from inside.
  14. I am quiet, and I always have been. I would rather listen to what is going on around me than add to the conversation. I would much rather talk to people one-on-one than in a group. Mostly I feel like other people have something more important than anything I might have to say.
  15. I appreciate a dynamic speaker. I get very restless when I have to listen to a speaker who isn’t very engaging. I also get nervous for people who I know well who have to get up and perform. Sometimes I get more nervous than they do!
  16. I enjoy going to the public library and reading the Wall Street Journal, or buying it in the airport if I’m flying on the weekends (when it’s cheaper).
  17. Throughout my, life my dream jobs have been to be a writer, a journalist, a secretary, a veterinarian, and a wedding coordinator. I guess I am currently a secretary, so at least I have gotten to do one of my dream jobs!
  18. My favorite movies of all time are The Sound of Music, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Roman Holiday. I love just about any musical.
  19. I used to greatly dislike talking on the phone, especially having to make phone calls. But then when I worked one summer at my home church, the pastor asked me to call everyone in the church to remind them about a special service we were having that Sunday. That pretty much helped me get over my dislike of making phone calls.
  20. I would much rather write a letter to someone than send an email or make a phone call. I absolutely love getting mail!
  21. My primary love language (how I give and receive love) is gifts. The second is words of affirmation.
  22. I have a hard time being flexible, but traveling overseas has helped with that a little bit. I like to know what’s going on, and am very curious (which sometimes gets me in to trouble).
  23. I greatly dislike games that involve a high level of athleticism or skill. My favorite games would probably be Clue, Spoons and Phase Ten.
  24. I love working behind the scenes to help people. Even if I am just keeping the coffee pot filled, I enjoy serving people in this way.
  25. I hope to finish grad school, serve overseas, and live my life in total service to God wherever He takes me and in whatever way I can further His Kingdom.

Feel free to share your 25 things with me by email or whatever!

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  1. aunt ginny says:

    showed your woman essay to my lifelight class, they thought you did a nice job
    liked your 25 things
    you need to be a writter


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