One Month

Wow, the last day in September! The month (and the whole year for that matter) has gone quite quickly. I wanted to take the opportunity for one last blog in September to share a few more pictures of my grandpa, Donald Anderson, who passed away a month ago. The picture above is of my grandpa’s parents and siblings. Grandpa is the 2nd from the right in the row of kids.
My grandpa served in the army, and was in the Korean War. He let us grandkids try on this hat and jacket.
My grandparents, Donald and Lorraine, on their wedding day, August 17th, 1954

My grandpa with my mom Chris, on her and my dad’s wedding day, June 7th, 1981

My grandparents with their oldest 2 grandkids: me (standing up on the couch) and my cousin Lars (the baby)

My grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary with my uncles Brian and Arden and my mom, 2004

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