A Few Highlights

This weekend I have several big assignments to complete for school and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Instead of getting too bogged down and to hopefully keep a positive attitude (for me, Miss Pessimistic), I am going to list a few highlights and special moments, or fun things from this last week.

~ Erika and I got to have lunch today at one of our favorite places called Taco Delight. It’s only about 4 blocks from the church, and so we braved the “cold” weather to walk. It was great to catch up and just chat.

~ We have had some interesting mice adventures in the office this week. While a mouse running around in my office is definitely NOT a highlight, we’ve had lots of laughter over the whole situation, and it’s become exciting to check the closet and see how many we’ve caught (the count is up to 8, although 5 of those were at one time).

~ I got to have a Skype call with my sister on Thursday night. I always enjoy talking to her and any other family member and just laughing and talking.

~ Girls’ Bible study on Wednesday was pretty crazy. We were trying to finish our series on Esther but we (meaning the girls) were easily distracted and talked about the most random things. We also played a rather simple version of Wheel of Fortune which was lots of fun.

Well, those are a few of the fun things from this week. 🙂

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