Today I met with my advisor and then went through the registration process. It is quite exciting to get to the last step where the lady in the cashier’s office hands you the total bill for the semester. 🙂 It all went smoothly and it will be fun to have new classes and new things to learn.

Before starting the Master’s in Global Leadership I was supposed to have 9 credits of undergraduate religion or theology courses. I only had 6, so one of my classes next semester is actually an undergrad class called Christianity in a Pluralistic World. This class looks at the major religions around the world and how we as Christians can respond. I think it will be good to learn a little bit more about some of the major religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. This class will be online.

My other class is Intro to Missiology which will be on Thursday nights on campus. Here is the description from the DBU website on this class: “An introductory study of the theory and practice of Christian missions, examining the challenge of adapting how the gospel is best communicated to specific cross-cultural situations. The course is designed to orient students to the challenges of giving a coherent cross-cultural witness to the gospel, but will be of special interest to prospective missionaries, and those who anticipate a ministry in a multi-cultural context. The course will include the biblical foundation for missions.” So, basically Missions 101!

In a way, I have gotten tired of driving to campus and was hoping to take all online classes but this will be good. It has been helpful to go to the library before class, and to be able to take my payment to the cashier’s office in person. It will be good to hopefully have a bit of a break with only 2 classes, and really be able to soak up everything that I need to as I prepare for what God has next for me.

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