A Grateful Thanksgiving

Last week I got to drive up to Nebraska to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I came back on Monday with a heart full of gratefulness, and even though Thanksgiving was almost a week ago I’m going to share a list of what I’m especially thankful for this season.

My family! Staying up late talking with my siblings, wonderful Thanksgiving meals, the provision of the small and big things by my parents, a 3-hour Apples to Apples game with cousins, and refreshing, healing laughter.

My home church! Like any body of imperfect human beings they have their faults and I don’t always agree with everything they do, but they support me faithfully, and I was encouraged by a wonderful worship service and sermon while I was home.

My work in Texas! God opened up this door for me to work in Texas, and I enjoy the work he was given me to do. The last couple of days in the office have been busy, but I have been reminded that although I might not be on the front lines of ministry in regards to being on the field, I still play a role in taking the Gospel to the people who still need to hear it.

Lena and my home in Texas! From food every day to a listening ear, I’m so thankful for Lena’s provision for me and for her friendship.

Reminders of God’s love! In the last couple of days God has provided in cool ways for paying for next semester of school. This morning it snowed (yes, in Texas!) and for some reason, I suppose because being from the Midwest this is a familiar sight, I just was filled with joy. It was a fun reminder of home and of God’s provision of safety.

Here is a picture of the Plano office: Kent and Erika Parks, Eric Eldridge, and me

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