The Task Remaining

In the Perspectives course I’m taking at my church we have moved from the history of missions to a look at how the Gospel is communicated in other places and cultures. Last week we looked at how God is moving forward with His passion to see all the people groups of the world have the ability to hear the Gospel in a culturally relevant manner. Our study included the following definition.

Strategic: people pursuing a God-given vision live with strategic intent. The vision virtually captures them. They no longer dream about what could happen. They become convinced that certain things must happen. They make choices as if each day held abiding value. They are not driven by obligation. They live in the dignity and liberty of knowing they give their utmost for God’s purposes.

My organization talks a lot about strategy in how we live. It is important to be strategic in the planting of churches for their growth and reproduction. But how am I to be strategic sitting in an office here in Plano, Texas? How does God want me to live each day in dignity and liberty? I am pondering these questions and putting them out there for you to mull over as well.

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