Encountering Other Religions

Actually in both of my classes this week we are looking at the topic of encountering other religions and the Christian response. I think this is an area in which I used to be pretty rigid. No other religions are correct, and Jesus is the only way to salvation. I still believe that Jesus is the only way, but I feel like I have been able to approach other religions with a bit more of an open mind.

I appreciated this quote from my Missiology textbook: “A missionary can be uncompromising without being vindictive or mean-spirited. By focusing energy on positively living and teaching the truth rather than constantly attacking lies, missionaries will be more effective in encouraging people people to change allegiances and follow Christ”.

I appreciated this quote because it offered a solid middle ground in between two extremes. As Christians we are to love the people around us and I think this means lots of listening and respect for what they believe. But we must also remain solidly grounded in the Bible and our beliefs. Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life and our job and privilege is to share that with others.

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