On Mission with God

Over summer vacation I’ve been trying to take a break from a lot of non-fiction reading, particularly dealing with missions. It was all I read about last semester and I think I got a bit worn out on the topic.

Recently though I’ve been trying to remember my heart for missions and why I am really in Texas. Sometimes I can get bogged down with the daily details and frustrations and forget the ultimate purpose for the work I’m doing- seeing people groups transformed by the Gospel. I went back to my Perspectives book from the class I took at my church this spring and found an article that I particularly loved. It’s called “On Mission with God” by Henry Blackaby and Avery Willis. I love their introductory paragraph:

“God is on mission. He has been on mission throughout history to accomplish His purpose throughout the earth. Each time we see God in the Bible, He is acting in accordance with His purpose: to reveal Himself in order that His name would be glorified, that His Kingdom would be established and that some from every people would be reconciled to Himself.” (p. 74 in Perspectives)

I love that God has had the same purpose throughout history- to bring the peoples to a knowledge and love of Him. I get to be a part of His purpose and that is exciting!

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