Going Too Fast

It’s a busy time of the semester when professors decide that every paper is due and every test should be taken. Grad school (I thought) is supposed to be about going deeper and thinking deeper about different issues and how they apply to our lives. I have the opportunity to write several “thinking” papers coming up, but I was realizing today that as I’m just trying to stay above water in the sea of the end of the semester, I’m probably just going through the motions and putting the effort into the papers only to get them done.

Life is like that sometimes too, don’t you think? We are rushing forward and don’t stop to ponder and reflect. Here we are, almost to Thanksgiving in 2010. What has all happened this year? Have you taken time to reflect on what God has done, how He has changed you and through what challenges He has brought you? I don’t often take the time to see His hand at work, and just as I need to slow down and really digest my classes and what I need to put in my papers, I need to put everything on pause for a moment and see God’s design in my life.

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