A Glimpse of My Cambodia

Entering Cambodia!

In Poipet, the border town

Gayle praying for one of the quilting ladies after church- Sopone’s husband struggles with alcoholism, which is a major problem in the village

A typical village home- raised sleeping area, with kitchen beside it

Even though it is the dry season, it rained almost every day we were there! Gayle and I got caught in a downpour one afternoon, and sought shelter under someone’s awning. The dirt roads became quite a mess!

Market area in the village

Many people have shrines outside their homes or businesses. The area is primarily Buddhist.

One of the main crops in the area is tapioca. They chop up the root to make what we know as tapioca, and then bundle and sell the stalks to start new tapioca plants.

Village home with the mountains in the background.

The river that separates Thailand and Cambodia

The little guy in front is Ezra, Pastor Sophan and Sopheap’s 2 year-old son. The other two are Sophone’s son and daughter (she is the woman Gayle was praying for above, one of the sewing ladies and also sister to Pastor Sophan). I entertained the kids for a solid 30 minutes by taking pictures as they posed and then ran to look at themselves, giggling and pointing and saying who knows what in Khmer. It’s amazing the relationships that can be built even with a language barrier.

At lunch Sopheap would cook for Gayle and I, and in the evenings she and I would eat at this little restaurant. I enjoyed the fried rice and the noodles. Thankfully I did not have to use chopsticks every day during the week, as the Thai and Cambodian people only use chopsticks to eat noodles.

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