Tea Time in Thailand

The week of the conference we had one free day on Wednesday, and instead of doing something fun or going sightseeing I got to spend most of the day working on homework and studying for a test in my online class. It wasn’t so bad actually, and I got a yummy caramel latte and chatted with people as they walked by the table where I was studying. One of the ladies from the home office stopped and invited me to go to tea with her and several others in the afternoon. I wasn’t sure I had time, but I decided it would be a good study break so I worked extra hard and then met her and the other ladies at a nearby hotel along the river for tea.

It was really a neat experience! We sat outside at a table right along the water, and each ordered a different flavor of tea. They served us each our own teapot, along with a tier of different sandwiches, pastries and scones.

I loved hearing the stories that flowed around the table as we sipped our tea and tried the different goodies. Karen is currently in the Dallas area working part-time in our office, and she her husband have served overseas working with Muslims in London and also the United Arab Emerites. Barbara is finishing up her time in South Africa, transitioning to Plano to work in the office as well. Cathy and her family serve in Thailand, and she had many stories of funny and not-so-funny experiences from the many years they have been there. Vickie also has served in Thailand but got married a couple of years ago and is currently in the US, but still serves as a member care provider, giving coaching, counseling and encouragement to missionaries on the field. I soaked up the wisdom of these women, and was very refreshed by my delicious peppermint tea and the calm of the atmosphere. It was a wonderful study break!

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