The Ministry Center

A couple of years ago, Gayle and the local pastor, Sophan, had a vision to start a ministry center to house the quilting work as well as other community outreach programs. They began renting a building and were eventually able to raise the money to purchase this building to use. Sophan and his wife Sopheap and their two-year old son Ezra live on the top floor, and the bottom floor is an open room used for sewing and also Sunday church services. In the back they have various projects going in order to make money for doing outreach and ministry. They have a fruit grove of mango trees and several other kinds of fruit, goats, chickens, and they also have land where they are growing various nutritional grasses for the goats as there is not adequate pasture ground nearby. Their goal is to be self-sustaining and to be a light in the community, leading the way in growing gardens and taking good care of livestock, and providing for the needs of others in the community.

The ministry center

Sunday church service

Goat shelter

Fruit trees

Land behind the ministry center where they have a fruit grove and various grasses growing

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