Stepping In

It has been a busy last few weeks (or month since that’s how long it’s been since I last blogged)! I celebrated twenty-five years of being alive, we got moved in to our new office building and are getting settled and I wrapped up another semester at DBU. In one very short year, in two short semesters, Lord- willing I will be walking down the graduation aisle to receive my Master’s degree. I’m excited, but nervous too, because in my mind graduation marks the jumping-off place, the time when I will head off to the next adventure the Lord has in store.

Change happens, that’s for sure. As I started to box up my belongings in the church office, I was sad to be leaving that place. Two and a half years ago I pulled up in front of this seemingly massive church building and Erika met me in the parking lot, a welcome site after a 12 hour drive all the way from Nebraska. For the next year and a half, the 3 of us shared the day-to-day aspects of a remote office, and then we began to welcome a whole staff from the Seattle office as they moved to Plano. Finally, we have settled in to a spot that we can call our own. While I have so many amazing memories from the church office, I’m so excited for this new place and the opportunities that are opening up to our organization because of this. I’m ready to move on to new things here, and to look forward to what changes might be coming in the next year.

In order to be ready for what changes God might bring, we have to be willing to step out in faith. When the Israelites were ready to follow Joshua into the Promised Land, they encountered the flooded Jordan River. God told Joshua that the priests carrying the Ark were to go down into the river and remain in the middle while the rest of the people walked across. Just as God had parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to leave Egypt, God promised that He would make a way for the people to go across on dry ground. But, the waters would not part until the feet of the priests touched the river. The purpose of all of this was to show the greatness of the Lord, and to help the people trust Him. I was really challenged by this story (found in Joshua 3) in thinking about change. Sometimes God gives us instruction, but then says “Take a step” without giving us all the details. We can’t often see how things will turn out, yet this is an opportunity to hold fast to God and really lean on Him. When we do, He has the opportunity to work through us and help us grow, as well as proving how amazing and faithful He is.

I am sure that in the coming months God will have the chance to grow me as I learn to trust Him more completely. It’s a little scary but so exciting to believe that He will be at work!

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