Cambodia VBS

I hope to share many stories over the coming days of my experience helping out with Vacation Bible School, but I thought I would get started with some of the basics! I had an amazing time seeing God at work in the kids and others in the rural area of western Cambodia.

We started out each morning with the pastor’s wife and one of the local young ladies leading prayer, singing lots of fun songs, and learning the memory verse. Then Pastor Sophan provided a practical lesson and story from the Bible. He did a great job of making it applicable for the kids.

Next we split up and the girls learned and perfected their hand sewing skills by constructing a knapsack, and the boys did a woodworking project, making a stool. I enjoyed getting to work with the girls on their sewing!

In the afternoons we taught English to some of the young people in the village. We had a Very Beginners class, two Beginners classes and two Intermediate classes. It took a lot of creativity and work to keep thinking of new ways to explain vocabulary and grammar, but it was a blessing to get to know the students.

The last two days we did VBS in a new village about 45 minutes away. There are no known believers but God is at work there! Although it was short it was great to get to know another set of kids.

We had an amazing team and I so enjoyed getting to know them!

  • Jeff and Betsy were the “adult leaders” from Seattle who have been taking VBS teams to Sompovloun for several years
  • Kristin (26) is a music teacher from Kearney, Nebraska. She and I roomed together in Cambodia and were a lot alike, it was great to get to know her!
  • Ben (20) is Kristin’s brother. He is a storm-chaser and is amazing at photography!
  • Josh (18) is also from Nebraska, and he entertained the kids with his harmonica playing skills. He also played guitar during our team worship times which was awesome.
  • Paula (19) is from Idaho and is a college theater major. She was so sweet with the kids!
  • Megan (16) is from Seattle, and she was the life of the team! She really helped draw all of us and bring us together.
  • Gayle is the missionary who works in western Cambodia and her son Micah (22) also joined us

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