Journal from the Heart of Cambodia #1

Entry dated Saturday, August 13th, 2011

What a long but incredible day! We left the guesthouse at 5:15 a.m. to begin our journey to the village. The van was pretty spacious and nice actually. The 6 “kids” were in the back and we all started talking and sharing more as we went along (even me!). We stopped for breakfast at this nice little spot that actually had fancy coffee- yay for fried rice and an iced latte to start off the day! Toward the end Megan spilled her coffee and I happened to have a clean shirt in my backpack plus a little bag to put her wet shirt in. It had seemed like she had been a little unsure of me but after that we’ve been buds all day.

We went through passport control, immigration, and visa application and everything went smoothly. Gayle had hired 3 cars to take the group to the village. She, Kristin and I went together which was fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the roads but except for a couple muddy spots it was about the same as last time. It was great seeing the little villages and the countryside go by. I love this place so much! We all made it safely to K13 and after depositing our luggage at the guesthouse we went to lunch- more fried rice!

We worked at the ministry center this afternoon learning to make friendship bracelets so we can teach the kids on Monday. Kids started coming in to watch and we gave finished ones to them. I am hoping that through our smiles and care they will see Jesus.

Father, thank you for answering my prayers for a day of encouragement. I pray that we would continue to enjoy You and enjoy each other as we love these kids and these people. Show me how I can be a bold witness for You and how to show Your love. Amen

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