The Glory of the Impossible

Much of my time and effort over the last 3-4 weeks has been preparing for our Plano Office Open House. I was part of a team that planned and orchestrated this event, which was held on Sunday, September 25th. Although it was a lot of work, it was really an awesome time of celebrating what God has done.

When I arrived in Plano 3 years ago this month, there were 3 of us in the back corner of the First Baptist Church. The rest of the staff was in Seattle, although it felt like we were two separate entities. I loved my work with Kent and Erika, and we definitely made do with what we had.

Two years ago the Board voted after much research and prayer to move the home office to the Dallas area. There was greater access to donors, volunteers, and other like-minded organizations here, plus the cost of living was lower. I got to be part of the team that explored the Metroplex to find the best location and building for the new MUP office.

I remember the first time we saw the building that is now our office. It had been vacant for quite awhile, but there was something exciting about dreaming of what could be. From the very beginning I knew this would be “our building”.

Office staff from Seattle started to make the move and we expanded our little space in FBC as more and more were added. Plans moved forward to lease our new building but then roadblocks came along that prevented us from moving in. It was over a year after we signed the lease that we finally got the clearance to move in, in May of this year. We went from having 3 people in each office at the church to each having our own space as well as lovely training and meeting areas.

All along the way God provided exactly what we needed. We have had to buy very little furniture, but churches, organizations and individuals have donated very nice furniture and every office is filled! At our worldwide conference in February, our field staff brought items from their areas that represented their faith in what God was going to do in their people group. These items have added a beauty to the home office and daily reminders of God’s faithfulness. We prayed for a stove and refrigerator for the kitchen, we prayed for chairs for the training room, and God has answered those prayers exactly in His timing and to fit our needs.

Sunday as guests came through our building, it was an opportunity for them to celebrate with us all that God has done. While they admired the many lovely things that we have, people saw God’s goodness and provision shining through it all. It is exciting to be a part of seeing God’s Word and Truth shared around the world with those who need to hear about His grace and love. I’m so thankful for the part He has allowed me to play in His overall story.

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