History and Art

A couple of weeks ago, a friend came to visit and we did an Art Walk in downtown Dallas. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but the variety along the 3 ½ mile walk was so fun! There were 30 stops along the walk that exemplified the unique history of the Dallas area.

One of my favorites was the design of the Dallas City Hall and the Dallas Public Library which sit across the street from one another. The city hall was a very different design as the top of the building is wider than the bottom. The architect designed these two buildings to look like they are “dancing” with each other. The city hall “leans” forward while the library looks like it is leaning back.

I also enjoyed Pioneer Plaza. Some of the oldest residents of Dallas are buried there, but unfortunately many of the stones are broken down or unreadable. Also in the park is an elaborate collection of statues representing a Texas cattle drive.

I never knew many of these places existed! It made me appreciate the heritage of Dallas more and it was exciting to find these places as we did the Art Walk.

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