All About His Glory

This week my Cambodia teammate Kristin and I joined forty others at a training on Disciple Making Movements. This wasn’t an ordinary conference where you sit and listen to speakers, but rather at our tables and as a group we studied God’s Word to discover His truth on the unreached, Jesus’ example for reaching them and what we are supposed to do. It was an intense week and I still have lots of pondering to do, but it was a really incredible time. 
We started out the week focused on God’s glory. It is an amazing place to start because it is really not about us. All that we do must be for His glory. We need to pray that God will accomplish His work in a way that will bring glory to Him and never attempt to gain credit for ourselves. It is easy to slip into this mode if we think we are coming up with some amazing strategy for winning the lost. Rather, God is the one who draws people to Himself and the end result is that He gets the glory. 
We studied two passages that were really key. The first is Revelation 7:9-12. This passage is about the multitude around God’s throne representing every people group, tribe and language, all focused on praising God. 
The second passage is John 17:1-5. Again, the focus is on glory- the word is repeated multiple times throughout the section. Jesus was sent by God, and by being obedient He was able to bring God glory. 
I’m not sure I can completely wrap my mind around God’s glory. In one sense, it is about how amazing He is, far above anything we could imagine. He is the Creator of all things, He sustains all things, and yet He chooses to use us. Part of glory is thanking and praising God, being obedient to what He tells us to do, and sharing with others in order for them to understand His glory. 
When you think of God’s glory, what comes to mind for you? 
If you want to check out some other verses on God’s glory, here are just a few. I know we didn’t cover all of them this week, and I’m excited about looking through the Bible for God’s glory.

  •  2 Samuel 7:23
  • Isaiah 43:6-7
  • Psalm 106:7-8
  • Habakkuk 2:14
  • John 5:44
  • John 12:27-28
  • Romans 9:22-23
  • 1 Corinthians 10:31
  • 1 Peter 4:11
  • Revelation 21:23

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