The Master’s Call

The Master’s Call
a hymn written by Oswald J. Smith, 1935
Have you heard the Master’s call? Will you go, forsaking all?
Millions still in sin and shame, ne’re have heard the Savior’s name. 
Some may give and some may pray, but for you He calls today. 
Will you answer, “Here am I”, or must Jesus pass you by? 
Have you heard their bitter cry? Can you bear to see them die? 
Thousands who in darkest night, never yet have seen the Light? 
Soon ’twill be too late to go, and your love for Jesus show. 
Oh then, quickly speed away, tary not another day. 
What if you refuse to go? Someone then will never know,
Of the Savior kind and true, and the blame will rest on you. 
Will you then, forsaking all, gladly heed the Master’s call? 
Answer quickly, “Lord send me, to the lands beyond the sea”.

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  1. Beth says:

    I love this!!! And absolutely agree!


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