A Story

A mother and her little girl came to the US and with excitement headed to the wonder of America- Wal-mart. They were in search of one very special item- a Barbie flashlight for the little girl. They combed the shelves and found what they had been searching for. Without wasting any time, they put the flashlight together and put in the batteries so the little girl could begin to play with the flashlight right away. The mother and daughter went through the checkout line, as the little girl tried turning the flashlight on and off, on and off. As the mother was paying, she heard the little girl utter a great big sigh. Pulling on her mother’s coat she said, “There’s too much light in here. Can’t we go somewhere where there is darkness?”
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Aren’t we that way as Christians? We spend a lot of time with other “lights”. We send our resources to the places where there are lots of lights already shining. Who will take their light to the dark places, the places where there is no one to speak of Jesus?

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