For a few brief moments I question God’s call. I see a cute sweater on the 70% off rack at Khol’s and I think, “What a good buy! But I won’t need that in Cambodia”. The preview for the movie looks fun…but I won’t be here when it comes out. My cousin is getting married this fall, and I will miss it. Some days I just want an apartment and a coffee table and a bookcase and a “normal” job. These sacrifices seem quite petty when you look at what God wanted Abraham to sacrifice. “Take the son you love and give him to me as a burnt offering”. Abraham had waited years for this son, and now God was asking for him to be placed on the altar. And Abraham obeyed and God saw this obedience and it was pleasing to Him and He showed Himself that day to be Jehovah Jireh, the God who WILL provide. The things I am giving up right now are petty when compared to the eternity of the people to whom God is sending me. There is nothing wrong with any of those things and I would love to one day have my own coffee table (yes, my desires are small). God wants us daily to place our lives on His altar of sacrifice, to put aside the minor things for the riches of His glory and to look with His eyes. I am praying that I can lay all of these things aside and keep my eyes focused on what is lasting.

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