Walking at My Own Pace

Colorado is a beautiful place to hike! I have gotten to check out the New Santa Fe Trail right next to MTI, as well as taking part in some mountain hiking complete with spectacular views from the top. I love getting out to explore God’s creation and breathe in the cool mountain air.

 I have noticed though that people like to walk a lot faster than I do! I have to really book it to keep up, and the exercise is good for me. This week though I decided to take a walk on my own (before the snow hit and I was stuck inside). I leisurely set my own pace, stopping to take pictures or just enjoy the view. I didn’t get my heart rate up the same way as when I had a very fast pace-setter but I enjoyed the time.

 I have found my life and relationships are similar to a walk. We need people who will challenge us to go farther, dig deeper, and make it to the top when the path is very steep. There are many times that friends challenge me to get involved in something that I wouldn’t have gotten involved in on my own. The community around me challenges me spiritually by asking questions I wouldn’t think to ask.

At the same time, sometimes I need to take things at my own pace. I may be more of a turtle than a rabbit when it comes to language learning or trying something new and that is okay. I need time to pull away and process rather than being with people 24-7, and it is important to understand who we are and what we need.

I don’t have this walk figured out yet, but I am excited to continue learning and growing.

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