Being Rooted

Yesterday we talked about the stages of transition. After such a traumatic week, I was ready for something easy. Instead, I found myself wrestling with God. I like my roots! I like to know that I am safe, comfortable, connected. This is the Settled Stage.

Then change happens. We get pulled up and enter the Unsettled Stage. I don’t like the feeling that my “snow globe” is being shaken, that I must let go of the familiar and comfortable. I feel in many ways like I am in this stage right now. I started out my time at MTI excited and ready to go to the field. This last week especially I have been confronted with my weaknesses and the things that I am saying goodbye to. It hurts and it is hard!

The middle stage is scary too. It is the rootless stage or Chaos! In this stage I am often anxious and fearful. I also know that it is in the chaos that God holds my hand tight. I learn to lean into Him, cling to the Rock when I have nothing else to hold on to. I know that I am getting ready to enter this stage soon.

But there is hope (there always is in Jesus)! Although the unsettled stage and chaos stages are hard, God reshapes us, pulls apart our dry and clumped roots so they can be transplanted again. The Re-settling might be a bit confusing, but God gives grace.

Then we must find the “new normal”, the new settled. It will never be the same as the old settled, but my hope is that as I go through this process and come out on the other side, I am more mature and more dependent on The Lord.

I don’t like the idea of change or transition, but I am learning that through it all, I can lean on The Lord and find my rest in Him, even in the midst of chaos.

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  1. Marissa says:

    I totally relate! And thank God also for the people He puts in our lives along the way to help with this process!! God will be with us every step(: Isaiah 52:12


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