Dtaung Ah Kanea: All Together

Exuberant worship, joy spilling over with hands raised high
A celebration of parents and children and the prodigal come home
Dances- Khmer traditional and modern, the past meeting the present

Gathering and fellowship
Mats covering the floor, shoes pushed to the side
Heaping bowls of rice noodles, steaming curry and lentils, fruit piled high
The invitation- come and sit, eat and fellowship
Together, all in one place

On the other side of the world the story is the same, the picture different
Tables and chairs, potluck fare, English spoken
But together, fellowship

There are people missing, they haven’t heard
The Father says, “Invite them to the feast”
Some day in heaven, the perfect banquet
All peoples will worship the King, joined in one heart and spirit
All together

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