I started reading Ephesians this morning. I think this letter from Paul amazes me more every time I read it, as I see the amazing depths and riches of God’s love pouring out of his words.

We are chosen. Do you know what that means, the significance? Lining up to play a game, leaders choosing sides, that uncomfortable moment of wondering, “Will they choose me last?” Oh, I have had many of those experiences. Fearing whether someone would choose me to be part of their presentation group in college. Those awkward moments when you are supposed to turn to someone next to you to answer a question. What if everyone turns the other way? The joy when you ARE chosen.

Paul says it several times in Ephesians 1:
1:4 For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.
1:11 In him we were also chosen…for the praise of His glory.

Chosen to receive the grace that is lavished on us, chosen to be heirs, adopted sons and daughters. Do I deserve this? No, but that is grace. Chosen not because I was born in the right country, to the right family or did anything to merit such favor. Chosen because of the Love of a Father who sent His Son to die in my place. We are chosen but we must make a choice too- a choice to believe and trust and follow.

This is the message of hope I want to bring:
– To our “uncle” tuk-tuk driver whose grin lights up our day, who faithfully carts us around wherever we want to go
– To the women who are forced into a slavery of prostitution
– To those who make next to nothing providing the clothing you and I wear every day, working in terrible conditions, traveling for miles and leaving families behind
– To my friends in America who have decided there is no Truth anymore, who do what pleases them while continuing to search for something to fill the hole in their heart
– To those who follow a religion of rules with no hope of anything eternal

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  1. katyhelena says:

    I love this, Sarah! You make such a good point, that we have all experienced that place of desperately hoping someone picks us…and Christ did! What a beautiful truth. We are loved, and HE PICKED US.
    Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


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