Before the Throne


Would you join me in going before the throne of our Father?

– Cambodia’s national election is this coming weekend. Please pray with me for a peaceful election process and safety for everyone in the country. It most likely will not be a fair election (let’s just say there are reports of many more ballots printed than there are registered voters) and there are many different ideas about what might happen but The Lord is in control! Your prayers are greatly appreciated for wisdom for Kristin and me and our team here. It has certainly been an interesting culture and history lesson the last few weeks as we have learned the various layers of the different parties running, but we have not necessarily appreciated the traffic jams because of the political parades! If you are interested in learning more, check out the Cambodia Daily, an independent, English newspaper: 

– Please continue to lift up our language learning process. We continue to press forward in our understanding and in our ability to engage in conversation. This is a praise for sure! Pray for diligence and increased expansion of comprehension and vocabulary (and good memories!).

How can I pray for you? Please do send me your requests and praises, or post in the comments, so we can go before our Father together!

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  1. Katy Helena says:

    Thanks for sharing ways we can pray! I'm definitely praying for you. The main prayer request for me right now is finding a counseling practicum site. Hoping to hear back about one site on Monday!


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