{Reflections} Western Cambodia

It is honestly hard to put into words what I am feeling after a week in western Cambodia. Sompovloun is where it all started- this journey of God’s call to Cambodia, His vision of seeing this country healed and whole, a light to surrounding nations.

Everything I remember about my visit two years ago is happy. Oh I’m sure there were hard things, really challenging things, but I have probably blocked them out. I do remember the peace though, the sense of being at home, that I would return.

This time, I think God wanted me to see the darkness. The battle that is being waged in this part of the world. It has reminded me of the urgency of this task, reminded why I am here.

Two years ago we visited the village of Ou Thmaa where we met the teacher of the school. He had had a dream (and has had several since) of Jesus. He has been open to discussions about Christ, giving opportunities for Bible studies for the kids and seemed close to committing his life to The Lord. We learned this week that a stone idol has been set up in the village now and they are talking about building a temple, and everyone in the village seems excited about this. The darkness still has a grip on this village and we need to pray, fighting the battle for the light to shine through.

There are believers from the church who are passionate about sharing their faith, meeting with one another and growing in discipleship. There are those who have stopped fellowshipping, finding the pull of the world too strong to resist. Others have experienced deeper pain and hurt that I can even imagine, and they are wondering if God can heal and forgive.

So what do I do now? I fall on my knees and cry, “God shine your light in this place, that you may be glorified”. I press on in language study in order to be able to communicate God’s Truth in the dark places. I share this with you, so that you can go before God’s throne with me. He WILL receive the worship that He deserves here.

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