{The Wedding} Grace Gifts

My heart is full of memories, sweet treasures from the week I was able to spend with my family in Nebraska. My sister became Mrs. Benjamin Tillotson and she was a radiant bride. What an awesome privilege to see the journey God has had Ben and Beth on up to this point and to celebrate with family and friends!

Here are some of the sweet gifts and grace moments from my time at home:

  • Shivering and laughing and eating ice cream, all 7 of us
  • Walking barefoot outside
  • Helping sprinkle wedding chocolates
  • How familiar it is to have supper at Grandpa’s
  • Sisters 6 at Downtown Coffee Company
  • A growing crowd around the table
  • Laughing all together over Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, the perfect wedding movie
  • A family doughnut date
  • Planning our epic wedding party exit
  • My sister, the most beautiful glowing bride
  • Ben’s face when he saw Beth for the first time
  • Their kiss, their joy
  • Watching my brothers say goodbye to Beth
  • Cousin Facebook hacking
  • Worship in English
  • Josh home for supper, and late night game time
  • Coffee at the table with Emily
  • Matthew understanding hard goodbyes
  • Sweet conversation with Mom and Dad on the way to Omaha
  • The goodbyes are painful, but Cambodia feels like home too

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely! So wonderful you could be home to enjoy all this!
    Friend in O.C.


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