The Girls Who Walk and Pray

Kristin and I have been enjoying walks around our neighborhood, wandering down new streets and passing by cafes and stalls that have become very familiar. As our language has increased it has been fun to listen to what people are saying as we walk past. At first many people wondered aloud if we were sisters. Lately, we have heard a lot of people commenting in Khmer, “Their faces are the same. Twins, perhaps?” We even saw one lady call to her family members inside the house, “Come see these foreign twins!” People are starting to recognize us as we walk past.

Lately, I have had an increased burden to pray intentionally as we take our afternoon walk. As we pass by the young men doing street construction, families going to and fro, the brothels and the kids begging, I want them to see the light of Christ shining in me. It is easy to focus on the things my eyes see, but what is eternal is important and God has been opening my eyes to the eternal things as I walk. I am praying two things for Kristin and me as well and I would love you to join me: 1) For increased boldness and releasing fears/anxious thoughts in order to be able to talk and share with the people that we meet. It is easy to give in to the excuse that we don’t know enough language or wonder what people will think of us. 2) I am praying that God will open up the home of a Khmer family that is ready to hear the Gospel and grow in discipleship. This could be the way that God starts a movement of obedient disciples in our neighborhood.

Instead of being known as the “foreign twins”, I hope that soon people will know us as “The Girls Who Walk and Pray”, giving Jesus glory and making Him known.

What do you think? Twins, perhaps? 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Sarah,
    This is Keiko Whalen, Maria's mom & from ex-MUP's Seattle office.
    Yes, people may think you are sisters. You are just about the same height, have just about the same color of hair, & I think you have the same shape of nose.
    My husband, Steve & I are in the process of going to Chiang Mai through OMF Int'l, but it isn't easy to raise support!
    I am so happy that you are in PP & so close to Maria, Jeremy & kids.


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