Pumpkin Soup for the Soul

It was just over a year ago that I started counting gifts- finding the ways God shows me His love in big and small ways every day. Almost exactly a year later I finished counting 3,000 gifts! And the list continues!

As I looked back over these daily grace gifts, I was struck by how many of those were food-related. Funny, but I don’t think before I ever stopped to realize the uniqueness of different flavors, paused to savor foods that are familiar or tied to certain memories, or pondered how cozy a cup of hot chocolate can be.

Our supervisor was kind enough to bring us some canned pumpkin from Bangkok, and this week we spotted a couple of lone pumpkins in the local market. We have been enjoyed special fall treats this week as we miss the cool, crisp weather in America. As we dined tonight on delicious pumpkin curry soup, compliments of Chef Kristin, along with hearty slices of buttered wheat bread from Sisters’ Cafe, I was marveling at how the flavors blended together so pefectly to create this delectable dish. How creative is our God? He could have given us something very bland that met our need for food, and yet He created us with the ability to taste different flavors and enjoy the wide variety of foods that come from His hand. In the same way as He nourishes my body in this special way, He longs to nourish my soul with His goodness and love. Just as now I stop to appreciate the unique blend of different flavors, I want to savor the richness of His Word, give thanks for His kind discipline and see grace in each of His gifts.

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