Life in the Toamada

Toamada: the ordinary, every day, routine

For the last four months we have had something pretty big each month to look forward to. August was our trip to Sompovloun for VBS, which included getting to see my brother who came with the US team. September of course was the wedding, and a whirlwind two weeks going home. In October and November we had trips to opposite ends of the country, expanding our vision and heart for Cambodia and allowing us a peek into what our work might look like. All of these experiences, though tiring at times, have been rich and full of lessons learned and sweet reunions and God’s faithful hand at work.

Now we are back in the routine of ordinary life. Studying on our own, going to class at our two language schools, going to the market for fresh fruits and veggies. Seeing people along the way we had never met 6 months ago who are now part of our daily lives here.

Sometimes, there is comfort in the familiar, and other times it is easy to speed ahead to whatever that next big thing is, longing for excitement or at least a change of pace.

Every day is a gift from our Father. Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day The Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it”. Yes, this day, though it is hot, and the letters I have been studying for the last four weeks are suddenly a jumble in my head. This day, when it is much like yesterday and the day before. This day, in the routine ride in our uncle’s tuk-tuk, the teasing and laughter with our teachers, the familiar sellers in the market, and walk around our neighborhood. There are gifts in the toamada too, little treasures from the Father if I open my eyes to see them. Every day I can stop to praise, let the glory of God leak in to the routine corners of my day and marvel at His goodness. I can say every single day that this is most certainly a day The Lord has made, and I can rejoice in all that day brings.

One of today’s gifts: hazelnut latte and apple turnover to celebrate 6 months in Cambodia! 

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  1. Rachel Langemann says:

    Thank you Sarah! This is quite appropriate as I adjust to life as a new mum. 🙂


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