For the Rough Days

(Reflections from Sunday)

I am normally a one-cup-of-coffee kind of gal. I enjoy savoring a mug full of French press coffee while reading my Bible as the sun is coming up, getting ready for our day. Of late I have been enjoying a bit of homemade caramel and cream in my coffee which has been a lovely December treat.

But today is a two-cup-of-coffee kind of day. We have increased the hours of language school we are doing every week, and by the weekend I am quite worn out! It seemed this morning there were so many things that were trying to steal my joy, to make the exhaustion seem greater and the day seem longer.

As I was sitting in church, fighting the distractions, I declared to The Lord, “I am not going to let these things steal my joy”. Jesus is our joy, and this is the day He created! We sang in church today about how wonderful our Savior is, the One True God, Most Powerful! Perhaps I may not feel like singing from the rooftops, but the wonder of God is not dependent on my feelings. He deserve the glory no matter what!

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