2013: A Year In Review

Highlights from the year just finished

After 4 1/2 years of working in the home office, I said goodbye to some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Their dedication to The Lord, service to missionaries and love for their neighbors is so inspiring! I’m thankful for continued friendship and support from so many in the office and from my church. I learned a lot about saying goodbye, attempting to finish well and letting go.

Kristin and I spent 5 weeks in Colorado at Mission Training International. I can’t imagine coming overseas without this training! We laughed, cried and learned with people on the same journey heading to many different countries. I learned huge lessons about my own heart that have shaped my transition over the last few months.  
We said hard goodbyes to family and friends, and I am so thankful for those last precious moments with my family before leaving! Then we said ‘hello’ to a different, new adventure. A new place to live, new language, new food and new friends and experiences. 
My youngest brother Matthew came to help with VBS in western Cambodia! It was so fun to share that adventure with him and see His love for Jesus and the kids. 
My sister got married. I got to go home for the wedding, I gained a brother-in-law, I cried a lot, and dealt with jet-lag twice in 10 days. SO WORTH IT. 

This year was full of tears, lots of chapters ending and new ones beginning. There were days that were hard, moments that were so full of joy and God’s glory I thought my heart would burst. God’s grace and His goodness were the steady rock that my heart needed through it all. He NEVER changes, never lets us go! He is THE treasure that my heart will pursue in the year ahead!

Ready for whatever adventure God has next!

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