My Beautiful Nose

I inherited the rather large Hilkemann nose. I knew this even as a child.

From my mother:
“July 30, 1989. When the wedding was over and the ushers were letting each row of people go, Mark, Sarah and Beth were talking to a little girl in the seat behind us. Beth was pointing to the girl’s nose. Mark commented about it saying, ‘She has a little nose like Beth does!’ Sarah then said, ‘Yah, and I have a big nose like Daddy!”

Last weekend while in western Cambodia we went to the village of Ou Thmaa for Bible study, and stopped in to visit an aunt that was a new believer. She was delighted to meet the foreign girls. Looking at me she exclaimed, “Look at her nose! It is so long! It is beautiful!” I’m pretty sure she talked about my lovely nose at least three or four more times.

I never thought I would hear ANYONE say I had a beautiful nose. There are perks to living in this country.

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