{Before the Throne} Day 5

Thursday, April 17

So much of our time in the west is spent in the written word. This is how we learn and consume information. This is also how we learn about who God is and His love for us.

Many people in Cambodia don’t know how to read and write. Recently one woman heard a story of Jesus from God’s Word, and practiced telling it to another person in the group. When challenged to take the story and share with others she was so excited. Because she didn’t know how to read, she often felt that she couldn’t be part of talking about Jesus. “God wants to use me!” she was thrilled to discover.

Pray for God’s Word to transform the lives of people throughout Cambodia. Pray that people would be willing to learn stories and express God’s love and truth orally. Pray for us too as we enter a season really focused on learning Bible stories in Khmer so that we can pass these on.

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