The Greatest Adventure Yet

“So,” my sister said with a wide grin, “do they really have cute maternity clothes in Cambodia? What about baby clothes?” Laughter spilled over, as we shouted, “Yes!” With a new little baby on the way, my status is getting an upgrade: to aunt!

I can’t tell you how much joy is overflowing from my heart and I haven’t even met the little peanut yet (and that is currently about how big he is). I love this little one already and can’t wait to see him or her grow in grace, to see my sister and brother-in-law as parents. They are going to be amazing!

I love thinking of the rest of my siblings as uncles and an aunt too. They will love on that little kid, spoil him or her with kisses and cuddles and read all of the wonderful books our parents read to us as kids. My brothers will make sure their niece or nephew can throw a baseball and catch a football, before the age of 6 months. And of course, this child will be the cutest and smartest ever! 🙂

While I’m sure it is NOTHING like being a parent, I feel an awed sense of responsibility to this little one also. I want to be a role model, someone that they can look up to. And considering the fact that most likely this niece or nephew will be joining us in Asia (along with her mom and dad), I will be the family member living on the same side of the world. To teach this child about what it means to be part Hilkemann, to be constant in a world of many changes, to model (hopefully) what it means to love Jesus and make sacrifices and love the people around me.

So I am celebrating new life in this week after Easter and the brand new role that God has given me. 😀

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  1. You are going to be one awesome auntie!! I can't wait for you to meet Baby!


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