Brother Gifts

When we put a new spigot on our water filter a couple of months ago, we had to be really careful or the cup would overflow because the water came out so much faster. My heart sort of feels like that overflowing cup right now, full of memories and blessings and such sweet moments from the last two weeks with my brother Matthew and Kristin’s brother Michael. Here are a few of the gifts:

– Splitting Khmer curry with Matthew the first lunch once the team arrived, his contented sigh after the first bite. I love getting to share favorites from my life here.

– Matthew and Michael were eager to explore and try new things, no matter where we went. Kristin and I tend to be much more reserved, so we appreciated their zeal. One day in Phnom Penh they rented a moto and explored the city. While I was pretty nervous, their grins and excitement after their adventure made it worth it.

– Hearing our brothers pray out loud as we walked throughout western Cambodia. Matthew’s sharing after our afternoon in Pailin: “When we climbed to the top of the hill with the Buddhist statue I didn’t know what to pray, so I just sang praise songs to God”.

– Their constant, bubbling-over laughter. How we ran into the monkeys at Angkor Wat and the brothers made friends. We laughed when one of them stole Matthew’s hat, over all of the silly antics, and Michael’s ingenious snatching of the hat back. Taking crazy pictures, enjoying all of our different forms of transportation, just relaxing.

– Sibling dates. Sharing my first 4D movie experience with Matthew, familiar western food, and browsing the bookstore.

– How he read every sign and looked at every picture in the genocide museum because he truly wanted to know, because he cares about the Cambodian people.

– Breakfast waiting for us after our language lesson compliments of our brothers, even the dishes washed afterwards for us.

– Hugs goodbye at the airport, our hearts full.

Photo Credit: Michael Tillotson

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