Sword at the Ready

He was an honest-to-goodness knight, clad from head to foot in steel armor still shiny. He knew the reality of the battle but had not yet been in the thick of it, his feet quaking but his heart swelling with courage. The darkness was thick around him, pressing in like a heavy blanket until he thought it would smother him, the sound of the enemy coming closer, the echoes of battle all around him. But his sword was at the ready, and as he lifted it to fight, it pierced the darkness like a bolt of lightning. It sliced through the darkness, pushing back the enemy as the knight and his fellow warriors defended the honor of their king.

It was Wednesday, the day we gather to praise and to pray over this country that holds my heart. We are in the midst of the darkness, the darkest time of the year, a seasoned friend said. It is the beginning of the two-week celebration of Pjom Bun, a holiday that commemorates the ancestral spirits. The Enemy is on the loose as he prowls and masquerades, deceiving and holding captive. People go to the Buddhist temple to give food to monks in honor of their deceased relatives, hoping to keep the spirits happy, hoping to gain merit, to lesson the eternal punishment of these family members. As we prayed, the lies and deceit of the Enemy felt like an impossibly heavy burden, the darkness felt almost tangible. But, we pressed in, praying and worshipping. We declared the Lordship of Jesus, we declared His name and His glory and as we did it felt like a sword piercing the darkness. While the Enemy is having a hayday, it is our King that is victorious. It is ultimately His truth that will prevail. His bride is waiting here in Cambodia. They are not yet complete, not quite ready, there are so many more that need to hear and turn to the only One who can fill their hearts with everlasting hope. But one day this Cambodian bride will gather around the throne of God to worship, joining with brothers and sisters from every other tribe and nation. The task is still upon us. So, like the brave knight, we must put on our armor, whether battle-scarred or still a bit shiny, and take up our sword, the Light that pieces the darkness.

I am most definitely not an artist, but this was my best attempt to depict the sword-wielding, light-piercing-the-darkness-knight vision The Lord gave me during our prayer time. 🙂 

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