What Happened to the Miracles?

I was practicing the story of the 10 Commandments with a friend and he was full of questions. We discussed the ins and outs of God’s powerful meeting with the Israelite people described in Exodus 19 and 20, how they had to get themselves ready, His display through the thunder and lightening and smoke-covered, quaking mountain. At the end he asked, “Why doesn’t God do miracles today like He did then? Like the parting of the Red Sea, this encounter on Mount Sinai?”

Why doesn’t God do miracles like this today? Consider with me the gifts and knowledge of God that we have now, that the Israelites didn’t have. We have God’s Word, the stories of His presence with the Israelite people, the instructions given throughout, the coming of Jesus to earth. If we want to know more about who God is, we can discover Him in the pages of the Bible. This band of former slaves leaving Egypt didn’t have that. They knew God as He revealed Himself to them, and it was pretty important that they knew He was the God above all gods, God all-powerful. He intersected with their lives through these powerful encounters, the miracles He performed for them. This wasn’t the only way He got His message across, but it was one of the big ways the Israelites and others learned who He was.

Just because we have God’s Word, does that mean miracles have gone by the wayside? I would say no. I hear stories of God’s mighty work in people’s lives, stories of His touch of healing, His provision out of nowhere. How else can you explain a woman who comes to Christ, who has never in her life been able to read, who prays and suddenly she can read God’s written Word? How else do you explain a man on his death bed who surrenders to Christ, decides to love Jesus whether he lives or dies?  Everyone had given up hope, there was no more the doctors could do. Last weekend he climbed up on the stage to testify to God’s power and healing touch, his body restored, his faith strong. When Jesus shows Himself in dreams and visions in the places where preaching is not allowed, where punishment and persecution awaits a commitment to Jesus. I believe God is still performing miracles because He wants to show up, to show His heart and desire to draw people to Himself. While my friend didn’t see it, didn’t want to acknowledge it, we can’t miss God’s intersection with us in big ways and little ones.

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