I am glad you have found your way to my new blog site! The new year is normally a great time for fresh beginnings, for making changes. It feels like God has an exciting season of lessons for me and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you in the days and months to come. But that’s not why I have switched from Blogger to WordPress.

Several days ago I read a post from a friend HERE (please understand this post deals with content for adults; parents please discuss appropriately with your kids). You see, he started doing some research on Youtube and what he found is truly heartbreaking. I see prostitution and trafficking up close where I live. I hate to think that pornographic content can so easily be discovered in a simple Youtube search, but even more tragic is the violation of the rights of the men, women and children (yes, I said children, please see the post linked above).

I have decided to begin the process of switching from many of the products that Google offers in order to take a stand for these people who deserve much better. I hope that you’ll pray about doing the same, and letting Google know they need to make some changes- including stronger filters and ways to keep Youtube free of inappropriate content that hurts not only those who view it but those who are involved.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns or to find out more!

I hope you’ll continue to follow my journey here! You can click at the bottom of the page to follow my blog or sign up to receive posts by email. I love sharing stories of the Father’s faithfulness, the journey He has for me and everyday life on this side of the world. Thank you for walking with me!

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