Ordinary Adventure to the Passport Office

This week was a reminder that God is delighted when He gets to take care of us, organizing the details and giving us what we need before we even know we need it.

A couple of weeks ago Kristin accompanied a friend to apply for a Cambodian passport. The office is outside Phnom Penh city, down some crazy backroads in an area that most foreigners don’t end up in. The driver was new (not one we had taken before), and he and our Khmer friend had to stop and ask for directions several times along the way but they made it to the passport office and got all of the paperwork submitted.

Fast-forward to last Monday. Kristin and I were following our normal routine of heading to language school, but when we stepped outside our apartment building our normal tuk-tuk driver was no where to be found. I must admit, I was slightly annoyed (I am very much a creature of habit and even though this overseas life has taught me much about flexibility, my predictability-is-awesome personality is hard to change). But, we hailed the driver on the corner, who happened to be the one that Kristin and our friend had taken to the passport office. He was familiar with our school- which is always a bonus- and off we went. 3/4 of the way to school we got a call from our friend, who is from out of town. Could we please go get her freshly completed passport for her right away? Now, there would have been no way we could have made it back to that hard-to-find office if the uncle who had previously taken Kristin was not the one driving us that day. He quickly made a u-turn and wove in and out of traffic, out of town, across the Bassac River bridge, and down the bumpy dirt roads to the passport office. I was equally chastised and in awe. God had definitely orchestrated the events of that afternoon, and He knew far better than I did what we needed! Two white girls walking into a crowded Cambodian passport office must have been quite a sight, but we left with our friend’s passport in hand, and a fresh reminder of God’s power and gifts.


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