The God Who Draws

We sat in the basement showroom of his shop, sipping tea as the owner told us stories of his craft and the ups and downs of business in an area dependent on tourists. Our attempts to move the conversation to spiritual things were met with resistance or disinterest so we continued to listen politely. Before leaving his shop to meet friends for supper, we asked him if we could pray for him in the name of Jesus. He accepted and we prayed blessing over his business and his family. As the owner walked us to the door, thanking us for taking the time to listen to his stories, he said with a smile, “Pray that I would dream of Jesus. Or at least that I would dream of selling many items”.

God is at work in drawing people to Himself. It is not our job to prepare hearts, to convince someone to believe in Jesus or to force them to start a journey of following Him. He is the one that does all these things. Our job is to go, as Jesus told His disciples in the Great Commission. We keep going, even when we don’t feel like it, even after we have already gone overseas or down the street. We keep telling, keep praying, keep teaching people to obey, and keep trusting that God of all Creation is revealing Himself to people.


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