Faith {A Story}

Sometimes there are circumstances in our lives that stretch our faith to the limit, that keep us clinging to Jesus and to His promises through every day and every moment. Those days might feel very dark, full of sorrow mixed with joy, wondering where God is. He can use those days to teach us, to mold and shape us.

But sometimes our loving Father uses the most ordinary circumstances, the little things to show us His care, to increase our faith in Him. We have been thankful to have running water in our house in the village, a privilege not everyone has. Last week the water was shut off, and although this isn’t an abnormal occurence, normally it is restored within a few hours or even day. But one day went by, then another, and then we found out because of a lack of payment by the landlady next door it had been shut off until further notice (it is a rather complicated situation). Our reservoir tank was full, yes, thankfully, but how long would that last? It became a puzzle my mind was constantly trying to put together- water for bathing, water for dishes, water for the most minimal amount of laundry, water for toilet-flushing, and never mind water for keeping our plants alive and mopping the floors. I kept peering into our large tank and wondering, “Can we make it last?” Around day four, The Lord whispered in my ear, “Do you trust me to provide even in this?” I felt peace and knew He would take care of us. We kept filling buckets from the tank, we kept showering (which I’m sure everyone is grateful for), but it was almost like the water level stayed in the same place for several days. Then hard rains came, not once but twice this week in the very middle of hot season, giving us 6+ extra buckets-full! I knew this was God. He stretched our water supply, He met our needs in a tangible way. And He showed me that He cares about everything in my life.

God could have provided by allowing the water to be turned back on right away. Sometimes His provision doesn’t look like what we expect it to, yet God is still good.

How is God stretching your faith- either in a little thing or a great big, difficult thing?

I will never take running water for granted again!

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