And the Teacher of the Year Award Goes to…

My mom and I almost didn’t survive Geometry proofs. One or both of us usually ended up in tears, and she had to put up with lots of complaining and eye-rolling and drama on my part. Somehow, though, we muddled through, and I managed to pass 10th grade and we still loved each other at the end of it.

Tomorrow my youngest brother will walk across a stage to receive his high school diploma from my proud parents and my mom will have survived 25 years and 5 kids doing those proofs. And lots of tears and eye-rolling and field trips and experiments later, she has successfully educated all 5 of us, and 4 so far have made it through college with flying colors.

This is not about the pros and cons of homeschooling, but about an amazing mom who chose to stay home and provide us with love and education in obedience to what she and my dad felt God telling them to do. She got creative with projects and knew how to answer all of our questions. She and my dad worked together to figure out physics problems, and somehow she juggled a few years of elementary through high school, all 5 of us clamoring for her attention and endless papers to grade. She taught us the value of learning, of reading, of curiosity and finishing things. Looking back I’m amazed at her humility, gentle correction and how she pulled us all together when my brothers and sisters and I were ready to declare war on each other. Both of my parents have poured their hearts into our education and our lives, and I couldn’t be more grateful. When my brother graduates tomorrow it is not only a celebration of what he has accomplished and the road that is before him, but a tribute to the dedication and investment of the very best parents anyone could ask for.

Circa 2002. Don’t we look thrilled?

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