A Cambodian Taxi Ride

“Uncle, will you go to Sasada tomorrow?”
“Yes, how many people?”
“I will be there between 7:30 and 8:00”.

With a simple phone call, I have arranged a taxi to take us to a town about 45 minutes north of us. The first time we needed to make this journey, we bravely walked down to the corner where all the taxi drivers congregate. They are always eager for business so they run up to you, gather in a circle (it feels a bit like vultures until you get used to it) around you to find out where you might want to go. The guy who is heading in the appropriate direction steps forward, you exchange contact information and settle on a price and everything is set. The next time is easier, you just make a phone call the day before.

On this morning, he comes at 7:30 as promised and we squish into the vehicle. And I do mean squish! Thankfully our taxi driving uncle owns a bigger vehicle than the standard Toyota Camry. There are already 3 adults occupying the back seat and they agree it is a good thing we are small foreigners as we make it five. The car stops along with way to pick up more people- there are now two people in the front along with an extra man by the window beside the driver. With 8 paying passengers, this driver has made it worth the trip!

I’m thankful for this taxi system that allows us to get from place to place, with a little adventure thrown in.

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