The days march on here in a rather endless monotony of routine. Get up. Devotions. Eat breakfast. Go to the market. Coffee and prayer time with my teammate. Household stuff. Go out and talk to people. Lunch, at home or our favorite restaurant. Siesta time. Language study/story review. Supper. Book or movie. Cold bucket shower. Bed. For the last six months this pattern has been repeated over and over, with the exception of a few trips to the big city and moments of drama or illness. I love routine, I really do, but sometimes I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and I forget to savor. Like that piece of chocolate you want to make last forever, delighting in each delicious bite. If I pause and look at the moments, take apart my day in order to stop and enjoy, what might it look like?

Hands in hot dish water. It means extra work and waiting to heat up water in the hot water pot or on the stove but I smile as I reach for another plate or pot and take care of the pile on the counter top.

The hammock on the roof. It was left over from some past renter, only big enough to sit in but with a view of the hustle and bustle of the street below, the mountains on the Thai side stretching along the border, a distant storm making its way our direction. I have cried in this hammock, decided I was ready to go home, been reminded of my calling, practiced stories out loud where no one could hear me, prayed Scripture over this area, dreamed and pondered.

Slow rain on the tin roof. There are no leaks in our house to worry about, it is not raining hard enough to flood in the front door, the plants get watered and there’s a bucket collecting the run off to help fill our cistern. I can just listen and savor.

Sweet potatoes. We can’t find them here, but they made their way with a friend from 4 hours away to our table for supper tonight. I ate every little bit I could get from that thing, and it was amazing.

Consistency. The same moto guys in front of our house, the same sellers in the market. I like the occasional adventure, but I enjoy the security of things that stay the same (which is rare in this life).

When you pause and savor, what are the things that stick out to you? What did you enjoy today?

Velvet Ashes



  1. Beth Everett says:

    I smiled and enjoyed each of the pictures and experiences you painted here.
    As I was reading I was also thinking that to truly “enjoy” and “savor” the moments in our lives requires pause, and slowing down. So contrary to our modern busy world. Hope you continue to find enjoyment in your day-to-day.


  2. Jessica says:

    This is a great reminder! I rarely take time to savor, but today I enjoyed watching a big green caterpillar crawling, a swallowtail butterfly in flight, and a turtle making a brief appearance on a rock before disappearing back into the stream. Evidently, I need to spend more time sitting out by a creek on the prairie. 🙂

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